I dreamed last night…

…I got on a boat to Heaven–and by some chance, I had brought my dice along!

No, no, wait, that was another life, another day (which phrase makes me sure I should be able to come up with a second musical song to break into, but I’m totally failing my roll, here. Something from Rent, maybe?). Last night I dreamed I’d developed a mutant power. It was–are you ready for this? It was the ability to create biodegradable green packing foam with a touch.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my mutant power would get me a job in the moving industry, but wouldn’t be much good for anything else. As far as I could tell, I’d put my hand in a box full of precariously balanced items and fill all the empty space with this semi-rigid but forgiving green foam which would then biodegrade into tiny drifts of dust when the box was ready to be unpacked. Seriously, who has dreams like that?

The plumber said he’d be here Saturday morning to work on our shower. I failed to ask *which* Saturday, which, with the Irish, is a tactical error. As you might guess, 3pm and he’s not here yet.

OMG. We just watched the last 3 episodes of s9 Smallville. Smallville has always been able to tug my heartstrings with the use of the Superman trumpet in the music, but O.M.G, the first scene of the last episode! OMG! *OMG!* ♥ ♥ ♥ Season 9 actually turned out to be pretty damned good. Less wah-wah relationship wangst and more conniving and superheroics. :) And *damn*, but I want Tom Welling to have a chance to play Superman on the big screen.

Speaking of last episodes, we also just managed to watch the last 3 eisodes of s5 Supernatural. Two things: one, I genuinely liked how they ended it, which, with this season’s storyline, was up for question right til the end. And two, there is, thanks to , an infinitesimally small chance that Sam’s wendigo comment in the second to last episode is a DEMON HUNTS shout-out. Probably even smaller than infinitesimally, in fact, but in my happy little world, that’s how it is. (As Ted said, “Of ALL the episodes they could have chosen to reference…!!!!”)

Me <-- dorky but happy. :) Speaking of which, the following conversation ensued this morning: Kit: I should hang out the laundry that’s in the garage. *long pause* Washing machine.
Ted, to Young Indiana: Somebody here needs a nap.

The house is very nearly unpacked now. Mostly what’s left at this point are some boxes full of packing material that we need to get rid of, some more stuff for charity shops or recycling, and at least one giant box of my books. But even most of the artwork is up now, which is wildly unusual. We have moved in faster and more thoroughly than normal, mostly because Ted starts work Monday, so we wanted to have the house sorted by then. And because we’re having a housewarming party in two weeks (!) and thought, y’know, the house should be in some sort of livable condition by then.

And oh! oh! I got the cover for SPIRIT DANCES, book 6 of the Walker Papers (yes, the one I turned in 2 weeks ago)! I can’t show it to you for, like, EVAR, but it’s purple and cool and my name is bigger than the title! Woot! :)

The power cord on my laptop got tweaked and now requires assistance to fit properly into the outlet so it actually powers the computer. V. annoying. Going to have to get a new one, I guess, as I’ve been unable to tweak it back through brute force.

Okay. That’s basically all the random stuff I can think of right now, so I’ll hit ‘post’ instead of continuing to blather on.

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 325.1

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