I Have A Plan.

I have a post-Thanksgiving plan. It does not involve eating sensibly, because let’s face it, we’re heading into the time of year where I basically survive on fudge and Christmas oranges, and that doesn’t seem super likely to change. o.o

It does involve pilates and yoga. My goal is just to gain more core strength than I currently have. That shouldn’t be hard, because at the moment I possess the approximate core strength of an un-set bowl of Jello. I have a whole set of Exercises (wow, it took me literally a dozen tries to spell that correctly) For Jello People. They work. I know they do, because I’ve used most of them in the past. My CRAZY GOAL is to NOT GET SICK & do them more or less daily from Monday thru the end of the year.

Some of it is not actually core-strengthening, per se. It’s “attempt to loosen my hips and spine up”-ening. My massage therapist friend made many horrified noises while she was trying to change me from a log back into a human being earlier this week, which does impress upon one one’s log-like-ness…

I have a 5-minute yoga routine which makes a Noticeable Difference within 3 days of doing it daily. (Every time I do this, usually at night, when she says “this is probably your first downward dog of the day” I think “You’re not wrong.” :))

There’s also this set of stretches, which, o my sweet purple potatoes, I have done once and
1. they are good stretches
2. i am far too fat and far too stiff to do them with ANY kind of grace or comfort but i guess that’s the point of doing them, isn’t it the stretches that I have not done yet but CLEARLY need to incorporate into my day at least once, ideally 2-3 times, but DEFINITELY once

And for thingy stuff, like, impacty stuff, this body-weight only workout from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s website is very, very good. I strongly recommend not starting with 4 reps of the whole set unless you’re already in reasonable condition, bc otherwise YOU’LL BE RUINT FOR DAYS!

I can’t currently find my “pilates for people who are too weenie to do beginner pilates” list/post right now but I’ll post it when I do. It’s also actually quite good and if done regularly strengthens weenie people up to being able to do beginner pilates. :)

On the one hand I’m probably in no danger of doing all four of these on any given day. OTOH it wouldn’t take more than half an hour to DO all four of them, so…I should work toward that, probably. But especially just…stretching and core strength, because oi.