I suppose…

I suppose if I’m bitching about loan stuff, I ought to mention the up side, too. I called the Alaska Student Loan people, to whom we have been hemmoraging money in order to get Ted’s loan out of default, and they have set up their reinstatement program, and will send us the paperwork, and what this means is that the extra $N hundred that I am sending to them in order to try to catch up can be sent to 3 other loans instead. So there is actually quite a lot less doom, because I now have more money to go around, even if it sucks violently that the stupid federal people decided I could afford to send them more money.

Also, I got my calendar for On Your Left done finally (by blatantly nicking Christi’s calendar code, which I will ask permission/beg forgiveness for tomorrow).

*Also*, Chantico seems to be getting the idea, a bit, that when I’m downstairs, I’m not for playing with, which is good.