I was weak. :)

Amazon.co.uk delivered unto me an Email of Temptation this morning, and I was weak: they had the full Buffy collection on sale for pretty cheap. Not the cheapest I’ve ever seen it, but the cheapest I’ve ever seen it on this side of the pond, at least, and I succumbed. And then I had to keep looking to see what else was available. Angel was, too, but for more than Buffy (which seemed wrong), though as I said to Ted, “If I got them both, I could watch them in the order they’d been aired…”

Ted laughed and said, “You, my love, are a geek.” Really, I thought that shouldn’t come as a surprise to him. :) But instead of Angel we got the complete Farscape, and I couldn’t quite bring myself to order a third series after that. Maybe in May, after I get paid again. :)

I don’t feel particularly like writing today, so I think I’m going to work on my AAs instead. I feel I can get quite a lot done this afternoon. And later I’m going to make some more Chance icons, because issue two is FINALLY coming out on the fourth, and issue 3 will be out on the 11th! Yay!

I’ve been doing this book’s “essential” Pilates exercises for what, a week now? Since we got back from Dublin, so yeah, about 6 or 7 iterations of the exercises. And I can tell that it must be time to start doing the beginners exercises (of which there are about twenty, instead of the 10 or so essentials), because after a week I’m already getting bored with the essentials. So I guess on Monday I’ll step up a notch. :)

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