I work a lot.

This morning as I was doing revisions on the 4th project I’ve worked on this month I had the shocking revelation that I work a lot.

I can hear people rolling their eyes at me from all over the world right now, but it actually was a shock. I think it was because it was the fourth project (REDEEMER synopsis, MAGIC & MANNERS revisions, short story revisions, now SKYMASTER revisions) that I’ve worked on in the past 3 weeks that it really hit me. And if I get this done by the weekend, which I should, I’ll be doing something else next week.

Frankly, you’d think I’d be making more money, working this hard. :p

So anyway we’ll see what pans out from all this work, over the next few months. It’s possible 2016 is going to be the Year Of All The Independent CE Murphy Books…

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