I would try…

I would try to make an onomatopoeic word for how the inside of my head and lungs feel right now, but if I succeeded, you might get this cold too, and that would be sad. Suffice it to say: I don’ feel v. good. :p

Yesterday. Can I remember that far back? Yesterday…oh yeah. I ended up shoveling for another couple hours yesterday afternoon, since it was 40 degrees out and melting like crazy. I did this despite having a cold, but didn’t really feel any worse for the wear. And we went and saw, um. 50 First Dates, which started out badly but ended surprisingly well. I was quite pleased with it. And Sarah says Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! was surprisingly good. I’ll have to go see that, too, then. Hm. I wonder if I can talk Ted into going this afternoon. Sitting at home moping about being sick isn’t really doing any good, after all. I could go out and infect other people! That’d be fun!

*laugh* Mom and Dad just stopped by to pick up their camera, which had been left here. Upon hearing I was sick, they smiled pleasantly and left immediately (they just got over this cold, too). Such nice, kind, caring parents I have. :)

Uhm. Oh, so our exciting Valentine’s evening involved sitting around and watching 4 hours of Law & Order: SVU on the USA network, because we didn’t have to get up and change any DVDs or anything, so it was easier to do that than watch Stargate. :) Ted made chicken quesadillas and we got an apple cobbler to heat up and actually it was a very nice evening for us two sickos. I sensibly went to bed at 10, after the 4 hours of watching L&O:SVU, instead of allowing myself to get sucked into the *next* 4 hours of L&O:CI which were coming up. :)

I actually got up this morning and wrote, which astonished me not so much because I managed to get up, but because I was able to put together 1200 reasonably coherent words that advance the story in the fashion they’re supposed to. Given that I feel like somebody’s sludge pot, I’m pretty satisfied with that accomplishment.

Ted made strawberry waffles this morning that were tremendously yummy. Then I took a nap. Oh, and yesterday I did clean my desk! It’s a thing of beauty! :)

ytd wordcount: 62,900

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