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We are, after a very tiring day of cleaning, out of the Dublin house. It took longer than we hoped, but it’s clean and we’re out, so that’s that. Done and dusted. The woman at the post office, the guy at the corner shop, and various others all expressed surprise and dismay that we were moving away, generally couched in terms of a horrified, “*Drogheda*?” followed by, “Oh, well, that’s not so bad,” when informed that Ted works in Swords which isn’t too bad a drive from Drogheda.

So we’re back at the manor house (which is called Willowbrook, incidentally), and we…have a lot of boxes to deal with. I had an idea that the library was going to be the easiest room to sort, but probably the living room is going to be easier. If Ted knows where all the wires for the television-related stuff is, I have hopes of getting those all hooked up so the entertainment centre can be moved into its corner and I can start arranging other things in the room.

We have three pieces of art up: Ursula’s Mandarin, which has become our traditional First Art Up, Ted’s world map, and my Michael Whelan print of the cover of BLACK SUN RISING, which has gone into the library and looks Just Right there. :)

So much stuff. So. Much. Stuff. Even though I got rid of an awful lot of stuff. We ended up with a lot more boxes of Things at the end than we expected, and we’re sort of going “so have we just once more packed up uncountable Things that we did not really need? could we have thrown all this stuff away?” so I’m afraid this may be a slow unpacking process where we try to throw more stuff out.

Consequently, there will be no pictures of the unpacking process. Or rather, there might be over on Twitter, but I haven’t got that hooked up to my website yet so you’re just going to have to wait until it’s actually sorted out, or follow me on Twitter (I’m ce_murphy) if you’re really desperate to see them. I’ll get more of the grounds, though, tomorrow, and show you my climbing roses and such things.

Like the TWO apple trees! O.O Food does not grow on trees in the land of my people, so I’m quite awed by apple trees. If these things actually fruit decently we’re going to be up to our eyes in apple pie! :)

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