in search of a glue stick, see…

A piece of wallpaper is coming up, and so I went in search of a glue stick, see, and that’s where it all went wrong.

The glue stick would be with Young Indiana’s not-entirely-unpacked stuff of that nature, so I went out to the sun room where most of that is. Where most of it is, uselessly, I might add, because you have to leave the house to get into the sun room, so it’s not a casual step in to get to all of that stuff, which includes paper and drawing utensils and paints and coloring books and things of that nature.

So I thought, well, I’m out here, how about I just get these things moved into the house. The puzzles, especially; no point in having puzzles you can’t get to, so I brought them all in and put them in the library.

Except of course there’s no room for them in the library, the shelves are all taken up. And I thought well, it’d be good to maybe give Indy a whole bookcase of his own, with his books and his crafts stuff and puzzles and etc so on so forth. And *technically* several of the shelves weren’t filled with stuff,

which is to say they obviously were, but they were filled with things like the now-read TBR shelf books which were waiting to go to a used bookstore and really a couple of the shelves were just laden with random crap that could be, if nothing else, consolidated, so the no-longer-TBR books got put in a couple of bags and things got consolidated and the graphic-novels-and-gaming-books part of the TBR shelf just got moved somewhere else, I’m not proud of myself but there you have it, and about five shelves’ worth of books got moved around and really at least an entire shelf’s worth of stuff should go up to the office so I brought it up to the office which is not, mind you, *sorted*, not entirely, so it’s only getting slowly worse instead of better and for god’s sake this is just a bag of CORDS, and this box here is ancient hard drives and all of that should really just be backed up onto some big external memory machine so we can get rid of the smaller pieces

and *gosh* if I could just–well, okay, totally clear the TBR shelf, that’s the easiest way to do it, but if I could just *somehow* without having to totally clear the TBR shelves eke just like two more shelves out of the other bookcases I could maybe move one of the bookcases into the kitchen where it could hold, er, other stuff, and okay so some of this stuff could legitimately go into the office if there was anywhere to put it which if I sent those things there and put those ones in some other closet because they legitimately don’t belong in the office and maybe, no, I don’t know, honestly there’s nowhere to put it right now and gosh I really miss doing photography and I really need to try to get myself out there, join the local photography club and the walking club too but anyway maybe if I actually went through these amazingly stupid millions of files and organized them I bet they’d only take up a single box instead of the four or five that are currently in use and that’d gain me a ton of space and wait I cleared out like four shelves in the sun room and this stuff really DOESN’T need to be all in the house maybe I actually *could* make it work, not today because I still need to vacuum and finish cleaning the living room, why haven’t I done that, I got like halfway done and then, well, I mean I hate vacuuming, I really do, that’s the problem here, and

look, so the thing is the glue stick turns out to be somewhere in the garage.

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