internet is imminent.

Well, ‘imminent’ is probably overly hopeful. I’ve finally been able to put an order in for broadband, anyway, and we should have internet by the 14th. Probably. Hopefully. Assuming all goes well. Which I dasn’t do, at this point. :) I am, at the moment, slaving my computer to the phone again, which only seems to work sometimes.

Poor Indy has a terrible cold and nobody got much sleep last night. Earlier I tried spelling ’tissue’ and typed ‘tirrue’ and then ‘sittue,’ which cannot be blamed on being at my captain’s chair with its slightly-unfamiliar-anymore keyboard, since all the keys save one in that word are typed by the same hand. :)

I just went to Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and I could look at Rebecca Ferguson all day for the rest of my life. Wow. Also the movie was pleasantly entertaining.

I’ve read 25 books in the 28 days we’ve been offline. I’m planning to wind up with a double-header treat of Kim Stanley Robinson and Guy Gavriel Kay, but I’m too tired to try either of them today.

Two of the books I read were my own Old Races collections, which was pretty interesting. I have a blog post I wrote about that but I’m too tired to find it and post it right now.

I read the latest ElfQuest: The Final Quest issue. I’m sorry, but I just think it’s bad. I need to drop it from my pull list.

The sun room and the guest room are sorted out. Did I say that before? Maybe. Anyway, they are, so mostly the house is sorted now and I’m glad about that.

I’m gonna go…stare vacantly at a wall, probably.

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