is this an improvement?

I stretch; my back spasms. I lie still; my back spasms. I stand up; my back spasms.

And don’t even talk to me about sneezing.

And this is *better* than it was. Getting up, dressing, showering, is very wearying. I still haven’t managed to get my socks on yet. The poor damned dog is in her kennel because I can’t WALK her, and she’s not very happy about that. Neither am I.

I’m also incredibly hungry, but if I go into the kitchen she’ll see me and I’ll feel guilty.

I didn’t get up until eleven. The really pathetic thing is this doesn’t even make me feel like a slug, since all I can do is lie around anyway.

Lucy came and slept on me this morning. Unfortunately, her favorite place to sleep on me is on my ribs when I’m lying on my side, and that pushes my back around just enough that it hurts. I tried to convince her to sleep on my thigh instead. No go. After several negotiations, I squished her up against my chest like she was a pillow and she was pretty content with that until I rolled over onto my back and she got to sleep *on* my chest, which made her very happy.

I had many strange dreams this morning, some of which were superhero dreams and some of which involved me staying in a hotel room of some sort with Peggy Prentice, whom I went to high school with and who didn’t like me. I had to walk the cats, in this dream. I was trying to put the cats into a backpack. It was easy to get *one* cat into the backpack (Zilli, specifically), but getting *two* cats into the backpack was, well, less easy. And then carrying a backpack full of squirming cat… it was a very odd dream.

Ted’s just now back from the store, where he bought ALL the food. We were amazingly out of food.