it never ends!

It never ends!

The downstairs looks quite amazing. I mean, I know there’s pictures so you can see, but the emotional impact is quite astounding. :) But it’s got stinky scotch-gard stuff on it, only more expensive, and poor Chanti has been pretty miserable since yesterday afternoon. It’s been a VERY DISTURBING couple of days, what with taking ALL the furniture out of the house and VACUUMING and then CLEANING the carpets with smelly stuff, and then we brought NEW STINKY furniture in and she’s been pretty whiney and unhappy. Poor puppy. She’ll be okay in a couple of days, but right now she’s not very happy.

Um, let’s see. We finally went over to Office Depot and got my manuscripts, which cost a ridiculous amount, and went to the grocery store to get ice cream to go with the cake, and… it seems like we did something else, too, but apparently it didn’t make a lasting impression. Mom and Dad came over for dinner last night and admired the new furniture. Mom did not pour red wine onto it. :) Neither, for that matter, did anyone else! But we all kicked back in the FOUR RECLINERS and enjoyed ourselves. :)

And then Ted and I took advantage of the double-reclining loveseat and (hey! get your mind out of the gutter) watched an episode of Stargate and were able to *sit together*. It was very nice. Then I read Mister Monday until I couldn’t keep my eyelids open anymore, so I staggered off to bed.

Hm. That doesn’t look all that busy, but by George, it FELT busy!

Got up this morning, wrote 1277 pretty useful words and made some bread. And now it’s *snowing*. Waugh.

ytd wordcount: 115,300

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