it’s *amazing*

It’s amazing how stylesheets work so much better when you don’t fuck up the call-line. I’ve been trying to figure out for over a week why this site I was working on wasn’t reading the stylesheets right, and finally I see that it’s got an extra / in front of the call-line. Sigh. Amazingly, it works now. Which means all I have to do is go through the stylesheets and fix the colors and the site will be about 95% done.

Which is good, because it’s supposed to launch Thursday and there’s been no QA yet. Glurp.

Lucy is being *bad* today. She’s gotten into one fight with Annie and has been hissing and spitting and growling and being a *bitch*. Bad, bad cat. :(

Annie, on the other hand, is eating, so I’m vurry glad about that. Poor little doggie.