it’s my life

Writing this on my laptop, with no connection to the net. I’m at the library in a chair that isn’t “my” chair — people are sure weird, you know? There’s a cubby in the Alaska Collection that I like to sit and write in. There are two chairs in it, and they’re both occupied, one by somebody taking a nap. So I’m at one of the desks and trying to get used to typing at a weird angle — the desk is higher than my elbows, so I’ve got my coat tucked under the front of Little so I can type at an angle instead of flat. It’s working pretty well.

honey, it’s now or never

I ain’t gonna live forever

And I’ve got the Bon Jovi Live CD, One Wild Night, playing now, and I don’t know if I’ll get any writing on MD or not, or if I’ll spend the next hour jamming to Bon Jovi, but it feels good, anyway. Self-referential music, too; the song quoted above mentions Tommy & Gina, who are the subject of the /next/ song quoted. Cool. :)

we got each other and that’s a lot for love

Yesterday was a long day. We went … man. What’d we do early in the day? I really can’t remember. Yesterday afternoon we did the house inspection and it went well

*laugh* Baby you give love (audience bellows: a bad name!) JBJ: You got it!

Oh, we went and got my glasses earlier yesterday. Without the astigmatism correction I can see through them. Go fig. And they photogrey, although not very noticeably to me, but it hasn’t been very bright out today while I’ve been wearing them. And we went to lunch at Chili’s. Last time we were in a Chili’s, I had a shaved head and Ted had very long hair, and we were clearly throwing the gender rules of the kids at the table next to us. It was pretty funny. Oh, and we went to Home Despot before that, to see if we could find prefab fence stuff. We couldn’t, but we hadn’t been planning on buying stuff right then anyway, so no big.

Know what I like about live CDs? The audience are generally tuneful, when they’re yell/singing back at the band. Don’t know why this makes me happy, but it does.

So the home inspection went well. There were a handful of problems, but nothing huge. Presumably she’ll fix them. There are a couple health and safety things she /has/ to fix, and the other stuff, well, we can do ourselves, although it’d be nicer if she did ’em.

keep the faith, ah you better keep the faith

you know you gotta live through the rain

We figured out where we’d put furniture we don’t own, and where we’d put artwork, and, most importantly, where we’d put books. I want to try to build a bookcase shaped like a maze, so you can enter up at the A’s and exit down at the Z’s (or whatever letter I end up with at the bottom of the bookshelf) and follow a path through the bookcase. It’ll be 9×8″ with 9 shelves. I have to see if I can draw a maze that’ll work.

I don’t know some of this music. I don’t own their first two albums or their latest. I’ll probably have to get them sometime. (I can’t help it. Bon Jovi is a particular weakness of mine. My cousin Alanna bought me Slippery When Wet for my 12 th or something birthday — an LP, no less, which I kinda wish I still had, but I don’t think I do — and their 1989 tour was the first (and, er, one of the only) rock concerts I went to. The class before mine, 1989, wanted to use Never Say Goodbye as their class song; the principal wouldn’t let them, because of the line, “You lost more than that in my back seat,”, an action which put an already disliked principal into the list of names that will be cursed forever among 1989 KCHS graduates — assuming any of them still remember. And one of the years I worked in the cannery, Wanted Dead or Alive was played every hour, which, at the beginning of the summer, made everybody cheer, and which, by the end of the summer, made everyone groan . . . . these, and a few other things, are why I’m so fond of Bon Jovi. Very formative-years music, or something. Plus, JBJ is really damned cute!) Actually, I went to the store yesterday to find their newest album (Crush?) and they didn’t have it at Fred Meyer, so, er, I got the live album instead.

After the home inspection we went *back* to Home Depot to look at wood for potential bookshelves, dropped by my parents’ and talked with Mom a while, then went to Denny’s for dinner. Came home and fell into bed. I was *really* tired.

Oh, and I took a few more house photos.

Apparently the bastards at SciFi are cancelling Farscape. There’s more information over in the Low Red Moon link to the right. Go sign the petition, write a letter, send a fax, if you like the show.

Today. Got out of bed, went shopping. I think I saw someone I went to high school with, but I didn’t get close enough to say hi. I’ll have to email her and ask if she was at Freddie’s today. Brought food home, had some breakfast, then went to look at furniture we can’t afford to buy. Luckily (?) we didn’t actually see anything we really liked. And now me and Bon Jovi are at the library.

(I know. It should be Bon Jovi and I.)

Two pages of blogging probably counts as enough warm-up for doing real writing. I guess I’ll go off and try that. *yawn*

like a favorite pair of torn blue jeans

the skin i’m in is all right with me

it’s not old, just older