“It’s the one with the alien.”

It’s been a nice weekend. Christopher flaked again, no gaming (grr) and so I watched my Highlander episodes for the week (AUGH. I ended on the ep Tessa DIED in, which I’d never SEEN, and AUGH. *AUGH*!) and we watched some more Stargate. *laugh* We just started watching season 6, and we’d watched the first three eps and the fourth is called “Frozen”. Ted and Shaun said, “Which one’s that one?” and really without meaning to be a smartass at all, I said, “It’s the one with the alien.”

Shaun went o.O but *Ted* knew what I meant! Which made Shaun go *o.O*! We’ve been laughing about it all weekend. *laugh* *laugh*

Let’s see. Um. :) We got out of the house early today and went and looked at parquet hardwood floors and did our shopping, and I bought a big old new thing of clipart, which was v. satisfying.

Came home and made a chocolate sponge cake which … well. The little ones I made so that the pan wouldn’t overflow (although I don’t think it would’ve, now that I’ve seen the resulting cake) are too dry, but maybe that’s because they’re little. We’ll see how the big one turns out. :)

Between doing that, I did my words for the day and broke 50K for this book. Yay! In more writing geekiness stuff, I looked over Anna’s agency query letter for her book and made a couple suggestions, and she sent it off after that. Go Anna!

And now we’re going to go out and see if we want to buy furniture instead of a hardwood floor. :) Bai!

ytd wordcount: 101,600