jeez o flip

Jeez o flip, man.

Woke up at about 4:45 for fear of oversleeping and lay fitfully in bed another 45 minutes or so and got up right at 5:30. Ted walked Chantico, I walked Annie (who is now hiding somewhere, the poor dog), we went and got my parents, I went to the gym . . .

. . . and it was closed. Again. Or rather, it was not open yet. Staffing problems. *grr* I will call them in a couple of hours and go wtf at them.

So I came home and went biking and it was VERY WINDY and quite cold. I did a 6 mile ride and that was definitely enough, in that wind. And my bike still hasn’t got a high gear; it shifted into it twice, reluctantly, then refused to do so anymore. And some of the other gears are pretty reluctant, too. I’ll call the bike shop back and see if I can get them to look at it again under the last fee, because they said it was fixed and it ain’t.

Chanti’s whining. I’ll bring her out now.

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