jesus christ.

Jesus freaking Christ.

I just called the Alaska Club to try to get them to give me a pricing structure for their gyms, because their website doesn’t say *anything* about pricing.

I asked for this. I called up, I asked what the membership fees were.

I got: we have pools at some gyms, we have free weights, of course, saunas, massage, yoga classes, what kind of exercise do you do? Oh, we have cycling classes, personal trainers, blah blah blah.

I repeated: what are the membership fees.

I got: Do you have ten minutes today that you could come in, we could show you around the new club, I could go over the UAA alumni pricing structure for you, not today? how about tomorrow? (I work, I said) Well, how about Monday? Again with the working, I said. What are your fees, I said?

I got: there’s a wide range of fees and I’d like to go over them with you in person

At which point I interrupted and said, “Stacy?” For that was her name. “Stacy, if you can’t give me a pricing structure over the phone, I’m not interested.”

Oh, she said, but it’s such a range and it encompasses so many different things. Who is this for, just yourself? she asked, and I said yes, and she _finally_ said it ranged from $59 to $107 a month.

I said thank you, that was what I needed to know, and she said, “Is there a mailing address I can reach you at?” I said no, I didn’t need any flyers. She said how about a phone number, and I said no, I didin’t need anyone to call me, “oh,” she said, “I just wanted to be able to call you and see if you’d like to set up an appointment.” No, I said, that won’t be necessary.

By which time not only /I/ was pretty irritated, so was she. Jesus freebing Christ. They’re the most convienent gym to where I live, but Jesus _Christ_.