jesus christ

jesus christ on a pogo stick on tuesday.

just got back from the chiro. he got some pretty profound (re: excrutiating) pops from my lower back/tailbone, the exciting result of which is that i’m barely able to walk. it’s not that he did something hideous; it’s that my poor back muscles are *so* exhausted they just can’t hold me up. he gave me a back support belt because I almost literally couldn’t walk without holding my back like a pregnant woman. I could fumble a step or two, and then I had to grab on. Just no support left in my poor muscles. God.

Anyway, the back support renders me capable of walking, which is nice. He said it’s okay to sleep in it, loosened up some, if I can; he says that’d be good for me. Given that waking up this morning and trying to get out of bed — well. I had never actually _seen_ ‘white with pain’ in action before. It’s not pretty. It’s one of those things, like being attacked by a hawk, which one reads about but doesn’t normally experience, and it proves that when it is experienced, it really *is* scary as hell (well, being attacked by a hawk is; being white with pain is just ugly).

Although instead of icing it before trying to get out of bed tomorrow morning, I think I’ll use the heat pad. Ice reduces swelling but heat relaxes spasms, and I was spasming.

I’ve never been this badly injured in my life. It *sucks*.