Me mumbly is back from Juneau, where she went to the PFD Boardroom dedication ceremony wherein they named the PFD Boardroom after Hughie. She said it was pretty nice, overall, and they allowed the Governor to attend; Mom said that even his speech was quite nice, and he didn’t insinuate in any fashion that he and Hughie had been best buddies, or anything else that would have pissed the family off. Although apparently my cousin Alanna wasn’t cutting the governor any slack, and didn’t like his speech at all. :)

Mom brought home copies of the video they’d played at the dedication, and it was /also/ very nice. Mostly still images and film clips with a voiceover, but there was one startling part where it cut suddenly to a clip of Hughie talking, and — well, I’d been warned, ’cause Mom’d told me about it, but she’d been utterly unprepared to hear her brother’s voice, so oof.

Which is sort of what happened to me a few days ago when I went to the PFD homepage, and there’s a small scan of the cover of their yearly annual report; Hughie is on the cover. I was simply not expecting that, and it sort of caught me in the gut.

This summer when I have some money (hah! :)) I’m going to put maloneclan.org up. I think I’ll see if I can digitalize the video from the dedication ceremony somehow, and put it on maloneclan. I think that might be good.

And now, because I have been up 6 hours and have only eaten a bowl of oatmeal, I’m gonna go have some lunch. *vroom*