‘k, so I’m going to start making what Flit calls Boring Food Entries. Not because I’m in search of homeopathic remedies and/or food triggers that make me ill, and not even really to make me watch my diet. It’s more to try to keep myself honest about what I’m eating (which, I grant you, may very well prod me to watch my diet). I did this for a while several months ago, when I /was/ trying to figure out what was making me ill, but I didn’t keep it publically. Admitting to everybody who stops by my blog that I ate seven brownies yesterday may be more embarrassing than admitting it to myself. (I didn’t! We don’t have any brownies right now!)

In other news, the stupid bug I was working on yesterday which seemed to prove, at the end of the day, to be a caching problem, is not a caching problem at all, but is instead buggered-up code somewhere else in the system where I can’t get to it. This really doesn’t make me happy. :P