kickstarter goodies!

I have received coloring books from Ellen Million and the Digger omnibus from Ursula Vernon/Sofawolf Press! I’m going to have to get good colored pencils for the coloring books, which have finely detailed images that you can’t go at with a crayon. :)

Awww! The Fantastrix coloring book’s second page is Roses, the illustration Ellen did for my YA novel RIGHT ANGLES TO FAIRYLAND. How cool, I get to color it! :)

Bahaha. Ursula’s dedication in DIGGER is, “For Catie, a fellow member of the “just one more project!” club!” *laughs*

There are goodies in the Digger package that I swear I had no idea I was getting. A t-shirt, magnets, stuff like that. I vaguely recalled the lapel pins. :) Actually, I’d forgotten the wee prints from Ellen’s too, so it’s all full of unexpected stuff. Christmas surprise!

Speaking of Kickstarters, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough’s THE DRAGON, THE WITCH & THE RAILROAD is only a few hundred dollars from funding! I’d dearly love to see it click over today and start heading for some of the bonus rewards! *cheers it on*!

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