Kitsnaps: Deirdre


There’s not much evidence of it in my portfolio, but my favorite kind of photography is portraits.

I have a project in mind (don’t I always?) to celebrate 2016 in Ireland, with a theme/subtitle of something along the lines of “Children of the Revolution: The Ireland Michael Collins Never Imagined,” that focuses heavily (but not exclusively) on Ireland as an immigrant, rather than an emigrant, state.

It would be either 100 or 200 photos, probably: half of them portrait shots, and half images of the same people ‘in context’, at work and at play around Ireland. I’d really love to do something like that, and it would feed into my love of portrait photography.

Of course, first I’d need 1. time, and 2. volunteers to be subjects for a small version of the project to prove I can take successful pictures of people and then try to get Arts Council funding. :)

Anyway, this is my sister a few years ago, from the same photo shoot as the Bridge Dancer.

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