*laugh* One of my coworkers said he’d be going to AT&T this morning, then taking a couple hours off this afternoon to sign some mortgage paperwork. I said that by *great* coincidence, I was *not* going to AT&T this morning, but that I *would* be taking an hour off to go sign some mortgage paperwork, and suspiciously suggested that perhaps Chris and I were the same person. Another coworker wrote back:

Chris knows nothing of mooses. You can’t be the same person.

I’m glad he cleared that up for me. :)

I went to adn.com this morning and it came as quite a surprise to me that today was 9/11, despite the fact that the media’s been harping heavily on it all week. Last night I read Teresa Nielson-Hayden’s commentary about 9/11 — she lives in New York — and found it fairly moving; this morning, from a link on Bryant’s page, a Dave Barry article which says pretty much everything that should be said, and with dignity.

I may or may not write more about the anniversary later today. This morning, Ted and I are going over to the mortgage people to sign some mortgage paperwork before I fly off to Colorado. Which happens tonight at 2:30am. Gah. Oh, that reminds me. I wanted to see if I could upgrade to first class for the god-awful redeye part of the flight.

Oooh. Look. I actually leave at 1:43am. Huh! Good thing I looked!

Drat. No upgrades available. Apparently the flight is sold out. Could people really have been that reluctant to fly on 9/11, do you suppose? I didn’t even *think* about it.