*laugh* Shaun just came home with a business card from the marketing director at the local UPN station for me. She’s also doing NNWM, and stopped to ask if it was okay if she went and sat in a corner at Title Wave to write, and said she was doing a National Novel Writing Month thing, and Shaun said, “Oh! Is that where you write 50K words in a month? My roommate is doing that!” So that’s pretty funny indeed. I emailed her, of course, and I was pretty sure — I had to check, but I was right — that she was the one on the Alaska board who’s neck and neck with me, so I’ve been competing with her (at least in my head!) to see who reaches 50K first. She told Shaun she wants to be done by Thanksgiving. :) Hee hee hee! Pretty cool, huh? *laugh*

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