*laugh* You guys all rock.

You guys all rock. I have my volunteers for reading BC. (Those volunteers are Irys, Jen W. and Patch, by dint of being the first 3 to say, “Me!”) If you are not one of those three, fear not: I’ll be writing at least 2 more and possibly as many as 4 more books in the next eight months or so, and TB revisions will be done at the end of this month. I will either put out another casting call or just email you to say hey about it.

In the meantime: See this? See that? See it? Huh? That’s my friend Jen W’s research. *beam* Lookit that! GO JEN!

Let’s see. What else? I’ve gotten over the “FWOOSH” of editing BC. I go “FWOOSH” a lot when I’m editing. ‘course, I will be doing that for the next couple weeks as I edit TB, too, but oh well. FWOOSH. And I gymmed this morning, or at least weight lifted at home, and…

…and I am *so* owned by the cats. Zilli climbed onto my keyboard tray and I’ve been moving myself and my chair around instead of the tray so I don’t knock him off, and Lucy just sat there staring at me until I unfolded my legs so she could jump up to my lap, and when I put her on the desk so I could refold my legs, so immediately climbed over the keyboard and into my lap, where she is now sitting and purring. I am *so* owned. :)

current mood: cheerful :)

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