lenses, part two!

This is what you do with a 10-20mm lens:


Wide-angle lens, meant for maxiumum unflatteringly funnyness. :) (“Oh, he’s *tragic*!” Young Indiana said enthusiastically upon seeing this picture.)

I actually have a shot I took with the wide angle lens that I like enough to put up as a Kitsnaps later, but I’ll flag it as “This is what it does” when I do. It’s kind of fun to use–it’s more intended for landscapes than people–and I have some hope of getting out into the country to use it at some point, because I’m always disappointed with my landscape shots and perhaps this will help that!

The 18-105mm lens is a nice middle-sized telephoto. I’m going to bring it to the zoo as soon as it warms up enough to go again, and I’ll see how it does there. My suspicion is that it may become my go-to telephoto lens, because experiments thus far suggest it’s sufficient unto the day and also is a great deal less *heavy* than my 200mm lens, which would be nice. Says the delicate little flower. :)

Further comparison shots behind the cut. Now that I’m looking over these, I’m vaguely tempted to go out with the other lenses and do the same shots, just for the full line-up of what I’ve got…

Canal & Croke Park, 10mm (his would be a much better photograph if I knew anything about shooting directly into the sun…):

Canal & Croke Park, 18-105mm lens at minimum zoom:

Canal & Croke Park, 18-105mm lens at maximum zoom:

Garden of Remembrance, 10mm:

Garden of Remembrance, 105mm:

And a snapshot of the canal that I liked, taken with the wide-angle lens.

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