let’s see

Let’s see. I’m working on the rough draft of a mermaid drawing for Ellen’s mermaid coloring book, which hopefully she’ll like. Um. Also: decided not to do the Lung Association bike ride would be the better part of valor, because my back is still not 100% and I would rather be able to ride 10 miles a day all summer than 120 miles in 2 days and not be able to do ANYTHING for the rest of the summer. :/

Jai was forced to cancel on our walk this afternoon, so, speaking of 10 miles a day, I’m going biking, because it’s beautiful beautiful beautiful out. And… that’s about it. I’ve actually had work to do all week, which is rather disconcerting. And I *still* haven’t written a damned thing. Gnrgh. Must Get Act Together.

But first, biking! :)

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