the to-do list goes ever on

I opened up Workflowy and Skedpal on Sunday and discovered, to my horror, that I hadn’t logged into Workflowy since FEBRUARY. That’s how far behind I am.

The good news was most of the February stuff was done…? :}

Anyway, I basically spent Monday afternoon doing triage and figuring out what needed to be done and when and trying to lay out a vaguely realistic schedule for the next couple months. Of course, some of the realism of it requires me getting up to work at 6am, and so far this week I haven’t, so that may require some re-thinking, but basically I’ve got five projects on the ball and there’s a lot of juggling going on, to mix my metaphors.

I got a *lot* of the administrative side of things done over the past two days, though, and I’ll do more tomorrow, which will put me quite close to wrapping two of those five projects up. That said, because of the work-then-wait aspects of both of them, neither is likely to be done before the end of June, or pretty near to it, anyway. Still, it puts them MUCH CLOSER to done, and that’s a big and wonderful deal right now.

Oh, she said in surprise, going over her schedule, it looks like I was really wise and actually only scheduled FOUR things to deal with over the next two months. That was clever. So once these administrative aspects are dealt with (aspects which I am now eager to finish tomorrow, if I can!), I’m home free for writing a synopsis and then putting together a book proposal. Ah, excellent, what a wise and clever Kit I am.

(Nevermind the huge looming pile of things to do when these ones are handled. We are taking this One Bird At A Time Comma Dammit.)

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