live-editing, part 4

Aaaah, jeez. I am not off to a great start this morningtoday. It’s a quarter after one and I’ve only just sat down to work. The morning consisted of getting up to go for a walk, drowsing on the couch for 20 minutes, finally going for a slooooow walk, coming home for breakfast and to check email, and then for an hour-long nap and lunch. Which brings me up to now, pretty much.

I’m exactly halfway through the manuscript. If I want to have the slightest chance of getting it done in the first half of next week (and *Monday* would be ideal), I’m going to have to do the remaining half today and tomorrow. That’s not actually insurmountable, as I’ve done the first half in 3 days, but it’s going to require some significant focus, and my focus seems to be deeply interested in napping.

*shakes self* Okay. Marathon day. Here we go.

Chapter 15

Not anticipating cutting anything from this chapter. If it happens, that’s fantastic, but the real work today is in revising it. Yesterday’s epiphany leads to a chunk that needs rewriting, and it will be so much better that even though rewriting’s a pain, I’m actually excited to do it. The thing I’m revising was always the weakest link in the book, the part I was most uncomfortable with because it was too clumsily implemented. The idea was sound, but now the implementation will actually work. *cracks knuckles and gets to it*

Well! To my surprise, not only have I vastly improved the chapter, but I also cut three pages. Wow. YAY!

Chapter 16

page 365: aaah, goodness, but I do like what I’ve done with the POV switches in these books. I name the characters when it switches viewpoints, and the names I use are important. I suspect 99% of people don’t notice it. I wouldn’t even notice if I was reading it, because I don’t pay much attention to that kind of header information, but damn, as a writer, I love what I’m doing there. :)

Um, yes, well, so I walked to town with Ted, and got back home within about an hour, but somehow I failed to actually come back to work for another hour after that, so now it’s a quarter to five and I’ve only done one chapter. I’m on page 365 and I should *really* get to at least page 500 tonight.

Ahahahah. :p

page 369: added a page, aggravatingly enough, but the new content was really important. Maybe I can cut a bit out of the rest of the chapter…

p 376: ooh! ooh! my first act of defiance against my editor’s suggested revisions! Ok, it’s only one word, but I like the one I’ve used better. Although I can see why she changed it, too, so who knows, maybe in the end I’ll capitulate.

p 380: another act of defiance! i’m a wild woman!

p 378: Oh. Crap. I need a new scene here, and it *has* to go here. *Dammit*. That interrupts the flow. Well, maybe not, it’s still a transition to the same character, because it *has* to be this character. Maybe I can…crap. I don’t know. Crap. *stares at it*

All right. Scene added. Back up to 689 pages, same number I started with today. Piffle.

Chapter 17

My enthusiasms are becoming a little flat at this point. I am, of course, nowhere near 500 pages. I haven’t even reached page 400 yet (although almost). There is no way I can do 300 pages tomorrow, so either I have to accept this pass isn’t going to be done tomorrow or I have to stay up very late working on this.

I can pretty much guarantee it’s *not* going to be door #2.

p 408: managed to cut a page. woot.

Chapter 18

It would be morally superior to do this chapter. Ok. Ok, self. It’s 6:30. Work until 7, and then you can go cook dinner and watch tv and, uh, do your Pilates, because you didn’t do them this morning.


Ok. A word here and there has cut a page out. That’s something, anyway; a couple pages struck today. I haven’t done nearly as much work as I should have, but I’ll just have to put the auld nose to the grindstone tomorrow. :p

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