locked out

I went for a 13 and something mile bike ride last night, got home, saw that Ted wasn’t home, put my bike in the garage, efficiently locked the garage door (which I usually forget to do) and then discovered the front door was locked. I did not, of course, have my keys.

Back door was locked, too.

I went over to the elementary school next door and swung on the swingsets for a while.

Then I wandered back home and scritched a friendly neighborhood kitty for a while.

Then I went to the park and sat around on the monkey bars for a while. While I was doing this, I decided Ted and my father had probably gone golfing.

Then it started to get chilly (I was wearing shorts and a tank top). I finally went and broke in the back window of the house by mangling the screen on the back window beyond repair (actually, it was already beyond repair. I in fact returned it to its previous state of beyond-repairness, once I mangled it enough to get it out of the window) and climbed in, much to the astonishment of the cats.

As I climbed in, the phone began to ring. It was Ted, who was not out golfing. A door at his workplace had been opened, the alarm went off, and he was stuck there until somebody came to fix … whatever needed fixing. He didn’t get home until after midnight.

This morning, at 7am, his cellphone rang. Some _other_ idiot had come in and set an alarm off, and wasn’t, apparently, smart enough to read the big red sign explaining what to do when the alarm went off.

Ted is pretty crabby. O.O

I, on the other hand, manfully resisted the temptation to make cookies last night after I’d broken into the house (comfort baking!), because I knew if I made cookies, I’d _eat_ them, and that seemed like a bad idea. :) I was _starving_ after that bike ride, though, so I did have a 10pm … second supper. What do hobbits call second supper? :)

Today, I’m pretending to be a skinny chick. I’m wearing short-shorts and a skinny-strap tank-top that girls with boobs aren’t supposed to wear, but it’s got some internal structure so there isn’t Alarming Flopping going on. Maybe I’ll get Ted to take a picture of me (with my SWORD!) or maybe I won’t, since I’m only pretending to be a skinny chick and it’s possible I actually look very frightening. :)

Meeting now. Idle.