lots of detail work

50K in 30 days: 1325
ytd wordcount: 125,950
ytd miles biked: 167
miles to Rivendell: 90
Sarah’s miles to Rivendell: 13

Oh, oh, I have a Plan for working on being able to walk a half marathon in June. Next week, I will walk 4 miles twice (’cause I know I can do that, so it’s a good number to start with) and 5 miles once.

Then the week after that I’ll walk 5 miles twice and 6 miles once. And then 7 twice and 8 once and so on up to the week of the race, where I should be at about 10 miles. That’s not quite enough, but, well, that’s all the numbers of weeks I have. And if, y’know, it turns out I’m a total wuss at the end of May and I haven’t worked my way up to 8 miles, I’ll just do the 5 mile fun run/walk part, or something. :)

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