low blogging month

lazy lion at dublin zoo

Yeah, so this is a low-blogging month, partly because I didn’t want to review Black Panther the day I saw it because I got to see it earlier than Americans and spoilers, sweetie!, and partly because we’ve fallen behind in Marvel movie watching, and partly because I’ve been working a lot, or alternately, because I haven’t been working much at all. It’s hard to tell.

Anyway, mid-term break was the second half of last week and the only thing that kept me writing at all was doing this #100DaysOfWriting thing (we are on day FIFTY today! Halfway there!), which has been going pretty well, by which I mean I’ve done at least 100 words of *some* kind of writing–mostly either fiction or synopsizing–every day for the past fifty. I’ve never done that before, I don’t think. It’s kind of cool. But I definitely would not have done it at all if the 100 days thing hadn’t been going on.

I did have another one of those “I have failed on all fronts” days last week, wherein I went in to Dublin to see a movie and I had plans to go check out a place in the city that I’d heard about, and instead I almost literally walked into the theatre doors before noticing a sign on them saying the theatre was closed that day due to “an incident”, which proved, tragically, to be someone’s death. So I thought maybe I’d go around to the other theatre and watch the movie (The Shape of Water, which I still haven’t seen), but in the end I got there and couldn’t bring myself to pay for it, because I’ve got an Unlimited card for the other place (all the movies you want in a month, for a set price), or, alternately, a cheaper cover price out in Drogheda. So by then I needed to go to the bathroom, and my phone was out of battery, so I spent a VERY LONG TIME looking for a non-Starbucks place to both use a toilet and charge my phone. I finally found a toilet, but the accompanying cafe did not, to my dismay, have outlets. Frustrated, I decided FINE, I would GO AROUND THE CORNER to the cafe I KNEW had outlets, and I did, and…it had closed permanently two weeks earlier due to being unable to pay rent in this economy, and the insides of it were all torn out. :(

I ended up at a Starbucks. :p I sat down to write, and then there was a family emergency (it turned out okay), so that shattered what I had left of the day,, and…it was just one of those days, you know? It’s actually felt like there’s been a lot of those lately. But there’s been two for sure.

I think that’s about all I’ve got today. Oh, except I re-watched Two Weeks’ Notice, which is still a very cute, though still not quite perfect (there are a couple scenes that I’ve always thought fell flat–the one on the boat, particularly), and oh, god, guys, Trump actually has a cameo in it. He’s name-checked at the beginning and is then in one of the final scenes and it was probably funny when the film was made but now just made Ted and me look at each other and cringe. More than cringe. It was really quite awful.

Oh, and I also watched the 2013 The Love Punch, which is a romcom with Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson and it was very, very funny. I laughed all the way through. It’s well worth watching!

Okay, I’ve got to go get dinner ready for a hungry child, so I’ll call this an end to a rambling post…

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