low-key day

Very low-key day today. Had plans to do a long bike ride, but Dad suggested we go berry picking instead. Had plans to go berry picking, but intestinal system suggested we rebel against the deliciously wonderfully incredibly good seafood fettucine Ted made for dinner last night. My god, it was good. But I’ve stopped ordering it at restaurants because it upsets my tummy, and it turns out that even home-made seafood fettucine upsets my tummy. Darn. Will have to get Ted to make chicken and broccoli fettucine next time. :)

So instead of exercising or berry picking there was a lot of sleeping in this morning. Then I got up and spent two hours cleaning out some of my stuff in the garage — I got rid of a BUNCH of stuff, and I found my BABY BLANKET! *beam* I’m very happy about that. I thought it was lost. And I’ve found lots of other interesting things, and that’s all well and good. Then I went and took another 2.5 hour nap, because I was still feeling gooky, and now we’re going to go see MIB2. Bye!