all in a day’s work

So bright and early this morning I went downtown to run some errands, figuring the shops I needed probably wouldn’t be open until 10 but thinking I’d go to the library to work until they opened.

Turned out the library didn’t open until 10 either. @.@

Anyway, I rented a spot at a cafe and got working and after a while thought well, I don’t have to pick Young Indy up until noon, I’ll just work until 11 and then do errands.

Moments later my phone rang and the guys delivering our new printer needed me to be home in 10 minutes for delivery. I leapt in a cab and rushed home.

(In a reversal of #everydaysexism, the cabbie, who was in his 60s and the sort of man who hung out with friends who would accidentally cut up his new coat by messing about with their new knives, said to me out of the blue, “Do you like Rhianna? I love her song Stay. There’s people who say men won’t listen to female artists. That’s bullshit.” Made my day, that fellow did!)

I arrived home just in time to get the printer, then was at sort of loose ends for a bit, trying to decide if I should stay home and work until it was time to collect Young Indiana or if I should go do errands or what. Eventually I decided to do errands because they’re easier without a small child’s assistance, so I got that done and walked up to Indy’s school. (The woman at the cafe there was like “Where WERE you!?” :))

Then it was home again to tackle the office, which required cleaning and rearranging to support the shiny! new! printer! That took most of the afternoon in an on-and-off way, and this evening I got the printer set up and am even as I type gloriously printing out the epic fantasy proposal with automatic duplexing and to much quieter fanfare than the old laser printer. (It’s a Brother home office printer; auto duplexing, color, scan, copier. I luff it already.)

That’s me today, then. I have a…bunch of write-ups to do. Two books, a couple movies, maybe even some TV.