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I got my calendar today! And to my delight, the quality is very nice! I think it’s worth buying! :) I ordered a standard-size and kind of wish I’d gotten the one they refer to as “huge”, just to see what it looks like. But I’m very pleased with the product, so if you’d like a CE Murphy Ireland 2010 calendar, this is the place to get it.

I also thought of a theme/idea thing of sorts for a (series of) photography book(s). I’ll have to discuss it with my agent. In, you know. My COPIOUS FREE TIME.

Not only is Ardian doing 3 issues of Batman, but he’s also doing JLA #34, in stores in June. *falls over and kicks feet with delight*

If both my Brenda Novak auction items (a gift basket and a Tuckerization (your name as a character)) go over $100 by the end of the auction on Sunday, I will do a special give-away here on the blog. It is possible I will give away my last remaining ARC of A FANTASY MEDLEY, which is sold out and therefore difficult to get ahold of.

I swam this morning. My shoulder looked askance at me. I have made a massage appointment.

Took a look at TRUTHSEEKER and expect to ditch & fresh-write 20K and probably revise another 10K if I do what my editor asks. I don’t mind, but it’ll be a *completely* different book (except it won’t be. It’ll be like HEART OF STONE: everything will change except the story.). I don’t know if it’ll be better or just different. Probably better, in a different way. I should email my editor, where I can be less circumspect as I babble on trying to sort things out. :)

Finally turned in the revisions on the “Cairn Dancer” short story. Path is therefore cleared for 30K worth of revisions. Let’s see. It’s Tuesday? And I’m taking next Monday off, so…arright, self-imposed deadline of June 12 for TRUTHSEEKER revisions. And then going into Dublin on the 13th to see John & Leah will be a lovely reward for finishing it.

I feel like a rolling stone gathering moss, man.

ytd km swum: 43.2
miles to Minas Tirith: 290

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