many thinks to do

Couldn’t get comfortable enough to write on the train yesterday, so I haven’t reached 70K on the book, but that’s okay. We had an utterly splendid weekend in Cork and are very glad indeed to have gone.

I will no doubt be posting fairly regular reminders over the course of the month about the “Hot Time” sale, but if any of my myriad friends and … well, I was going to say “coworkers”, except my life generally doesn’t work that way, so my myriad friends, then! If any of you want to post links from your respective journals and FB and Twitter accounts, well, I would be grateful. (In fact, I got a bunch of RTs on Twitter last night, and I *am* grateful! Thank you very, very much!)

I am in an unexpectedly good mood this morning. I have *tons* to do today (or we have tons to do, but whether it’s I or we, there’s a lot of it!) and virtually none of it’s writing, but I’m feeling quite chipper and enthusiastic anyway.

*charges off to do thinks*!

bring glass to the recycling place
make bread
empty all the small garbages into the big one and then empty it
– ideally finish chapter 26 of WAYFINDER

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