it means nothing.

The fact that I have created a Scrivener file for the PADYA (Post Apocalyptic Dystopian Young Adult) novel means nothing.

The fact that I spent an hour and a half pounding out a gibberish-filled rough draft synopsis last night also means nothing.

The fact that I’m looking with some interest at time-tracking software does mean something, but that’s something I wanted to do anyway, because I do want to see if I can quantify the success ratio of the exhaustive synopsis. I don’t know how many hours I spent on the Regency, except most writing days after the first three or so when I was getting my feet under me I was averaging well above my usual 1k/h–I had days when I was hitting just under 2K an hour for several hours on end. Assuming 1250wph average, it took me about 70 hours including the exhaustive synopsis process to write the book, which is a reduction of about 20% of average.

(Of course, I also skipped all the descriptions, which always slow me down. They’ll go into the second draft. :))

Anyway, that’s just guesstimating, though, and I want to actually try to keep track for the next book to see if it was genuinely really helpful or if it was just an Attack Book that worked out well. :)

(Hm, Toggl looks like it’s got pretty well what I need, which is basically a start-stop timer for a project. That’ll do!)

In other news, I hear over on Twitter that STONE’S THROE has been edited, which means it will presumably be coming back to me sometime soon for revisions, so that’s cool.

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