Miles walked to Rivendell

Inspired by the fact that people actually seem interested, I thought I’d repost my logged miles to Rivendell on LJ in order to help convince/inspire/whatever those folks who are looking interested. :)

Miles walked to Rivendell, March 27: 6

2 miles today. V. disappointing, for weather was nasty: snowing & blowing. Snow made tickly prickles on my face, v. annoying. Yesterday much nicer, with clear skies & light breeze. Granted, only 35 degrees, but still v. nice, overlooking Hideous Foot Cramp that ended journey.

Have completed 6 of 458 miles. Go me! Am hoping to catch up with Sean AstSamwise Gamgee. Wretched hobbits have head start. Anticipate catching up only in several weeks, if at all.

On positive side, hobbits must walk through snow in bare feet, whereas I have shoes. Go me!