miss parker

Oh, I forgot to mention the weirdly alarming dream I had this morning wherein … well, it was complicated, but one of the particularly weird bits was that I seemed to be having a love child with Miss Parker, from The Pretender. Later she turned into Buffy, but we still had a two year old girl child. It was extremely bizarre.

I also dreamed that my cousin Rory was terribly swamped and that I swam out to rescue him, which made me feel like I should email him when I woke up, so I did, and indeed, finals at law school end next week, and he says, “Your dream is my nightmare. I am swamped with work.”

I also dreamed about my Uncle Hughie, who died in March. He was sad. It’s the first time I’ve ever dreamed about one of my dead friends or relatives and they’ve been sad. I think he missed us. I don’t think he was ready to die.