more hours

I need more hours in the day. Or, better yet, I need to be independently wealthy so I can spend the hours of the day doing what I want instead of working. I could get an art degree in 2 or 3 semesters, for example, if I could go to school full time, and that’d be very keen! Sadly, that has nothing to do with reality. If I could figure out a way to actually pay for the classes (which, incidentally, reminds me that I ought to send in the student loan form to see if they’ll give me any money) I might be able to swing as many as 2 classes a semester, rather than full-time, but I can’t decide if that’s worth the bother. I could accomplish … not quite the same thing, probably, but certainly accomplish becoming a better artist on my own by getting up an hour earlier and drawing, which would be 1. less expensive and 2. much much less inconvienent as far as work is concerned.

This is all Ursula’s fault.

Speaking of which (sort of), if I intend to swim tomorrow morning, I should go to bed now so I can get up early enough to do that.