more interviewing!

More interviewing! Today may have a lot of long posts. :) These questions from Cam.

1. Is Alaska really it for you, state-wise?

Yeah, probably. I think I’m more likely to move out of the country than to another state. (I was almost certain you’d ask this question.)

2. Is James Marsters shorter than he looks?

Er. How tall do you think he looks? I didn’t think so. He’s about 5’10”, which is what I expected. Amber Benson, however, is taller than I imagined.

3. What do you look for in a roleplaying session more than anything else? Tabletop or online, either way.

Hm. Depends on the type of game. The Champions game that Carl ran that I guest starred in a few times had a lot of actual roleplay, which was a blast. My all-time favorite D&D game I’ve been in was run by my roommate Shaun and we had a very small group of people who were IC *all the time*, and it was hysterically fun to play. Other D&D games I’ve been in have been less about the RP and more about the hitting things, which is fine, too. I would always rather play dungeon crawl and hit things than have a group whose purpose is split, where some people are all about negotiating their way out of situations and others are all about, well, hitting things (I like playing fighters).

Mostly? I look for the opportunity to hit things. :)

4. How has knowing me affected you?

At the risk of sounding somewhat corny, it’s made me aware that there are genuinely gentle people in the world.

5. Will you send me a copy of your books if I asked nicely?

No, but if you send me copies you’ve bought, I’ll sign them. :)