more irs woes

So we got another notification from the IRS a week or two ago, which said, in essence, “Oops, yeah, we screwed up, and we’ve looked at your numbers again and now we think you owe five hundred dollars instead of 900.” Garrghgh.

So Mom and I (mostly Mom) went over the numbers forty-eight times, and concluded that the IRS screwed up *again*. Small failure on our part; we hadn’t written the taxes withheld on Ted’s prematurely withdrawn 401K on the right line, although it was included in our taxable income and in fact the amount of taxes we thought we should pay and the amount the IRS thought we should pay was the same amount, and yet they concluded somehow that we hadn’t paid taxes on that income. Sigh. Anyway, so I get to write them another letter. Whee! o.o Still, we don’t owe any taxes, except for on $28 interest from a savings account which we had, in fact, forgotten to add in to the amount. I’ll send them a check for $5 and say that I believe that should cover the taxes and penalties on the $28. Man. :P

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