more meme stuff

Apparently I’m avoiding work today.

first real kiss: Tom B., on the flight back from New York City. Explains my irrational fondness for the Peter Allen song ‘The Best That You Can Do’.
first job: That paid? Babysitting the Gagner kids when I was 12. Volunteer? Kenai Library when I was 9 and 10.
first screen name: Katanya. Velvet. Storyteller. One of those.
first self-purchased album: No idea at all.
first piercing: ears, age 11.
first true love: Rodney.
first big trip: Um. Trips to Kenny Lake. First trip Outside that I remember was for my Grandpa Murphy’s funeral.
last kiss: couple hours ago.
last good cry: couple weeks ago.
last movie seen: Head over Heels.
last beverage drank: water.
last food consumed: brownies.
last phone call: just now, with a coworker.
last TV show watched: part of last night’s ER.
last shoes worn: Merrill walking shoes.
last CD played: Moulin Rouge.
last item bought: a gift for .
last disappointment: noooooothing this week!
last soda drank: root beer.
last ice cream eaten: turtle brownie fudge chocolate death stuff, or something of that ilk.
last shirt worn: my Methos Highlander t-shirt. Unless you count the nightshirt, in which case, the psychadelic Rogue shirt gave me. Unless you mean the one I’m wearing now, in which case, boring red t-shirt.