morning dream

as reported in the war room:

mizkit: i have spent the last 45 minutes dreaming i was trying to send you a tweet that i would be in the war room soon, only it being a dream i could not spell @msagara

mizkit: but that’s okay, becuses in between trying to do that people noticed i was will smith from men in black.

msagara: O.o It could be worse – you could have discovered you were Mel Gibson

mizkit: oh, hell, i don’t mind being will smith. i mean, too bad about the scientology thing but mostly? totally cool.

mizkit: so in the dream someody said to me “you’re real!” and i was like o.O then looked at my reflection in the window in front of us

mizkit: and i was Agent J
mizkit: and i was like ‘oh, yeah, sure, totally real, man, and so are aliens’
mizkit: ‘jk rowling is an alien’

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