mostly mileage

Tired me. Bed soon. Entry is mostly mileage.

miles to Rauros Falls: 311.5
miles to Hobbiton: 239.6
ytd wordcount: 146,600

but oh! I got email from the brown-haired, pony-tailed young woman at Pandemonium in Bostom, hee hee hee! She got the book and seemed quite pleased and amused by it. That was totally worth it. :) Turns out she’s a manager there and she said if I was ever in Boston to let her know ahead of time so we could schedule a signing. And she said she’d been selling lots of copies of the book, a lot of them to guys, which was unusual for the Lunas. So go me. :)

Shaun got a mustard stain on his new shirt the other day. His subsequent triumph over the stain had me going around singing, “He got the mustard OOOOOUT!” for a couple of days. :)

Ted and I have been watching Dark Angel. While it is by no means a good show, some of these episodes are better than I expect/remember. It’s entertaining, anyway, and there haven’t been any of the truly brain-numbingly dumb episodes like there were in the first half dozen. (There was one that seemed to be the break point, in fact. It was god-awful, but everything after it’s been quite a lot better. I think it’s better even not-by-comparison, but ye gods, by comparison they’re gems of cinematic genius.) Anyway, I’m enjoying it. Jessica Alba’s a cutie. :)

And now I’m going to bed so I can try to get up at a reasonable hour and work tomorrow before Emily comes over. *zoof*

(I sure use a lot of smilies. Of course, I smile a lot, too.)

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