Ted and I went to see Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub this evening. I’d never seen it before. It was very good. :) (It, like Casablanca and Shakespeare, despite the fact that people keep _telling_ you that it’s very good, is, in fact, very good.) The bit where Katharine Hepburn tells her friend Hillary off and sends her packing caused the audience to hoot and cheer and clap, which was *great*.

Then we came home and got Shaun and went for some ice cream, and while we were at Baskin Robbins, a commercial came on the radio for one of the local bicycle shops, and it said, “We have over a hundred years of experience!” and Shaun said, “They must take a long time,” which made me and him laugh very very hard and made Ted stare at us as if we were extremely odd. *laugh* Well, *I* thought it was funny! *laugh* *laugh*