mroe about burger stop

More about Burger Stop. When we saw the two lovelies with the grunt, I also ordered a sandwich I didn’t like very much. The cook, who is presumably the Tommy of “Tommy’s Burger Stop & Po-Boy Shoppe”, which is the name of the place, peeked out at me once to make sure our meals were okay (Ted was really enjoying his, at least), and I gave him (Tommy) a thumbs-up. Ted wanted to know if the cook was flirting with me again (the first time we went in, I was wearing my jeans jacket, which has several Rogue pins on it, and Tommy looked at it and says, not quite certainly, “Phoenix?” and I said, “Rogue!” and he went ‘oh, of course’ and then the second time we came in he said something else to me) and I said yeah, he was, and Ted (who used to be a short-order cook) said, “You gotta watch out for those cook-types.” Hee hee. Anyway, after a while Tommy came out to actually check to see if the food was okay (which made Ted say, “That’s a cook after my own heart,”) and we said yes of course it was, very good, but then I threw the other half of my sandwich out, because I /didn’t/ like it all that much, and I was trying to be very sneaky about throwing it out, because he’s /such/ a nice guy I didn’t want to be obvious about tossing the food he made me and on our way out Ted said, “He would’ve made you a new sandwich, you know, if you’d said you didn’t like it.” And I said, “I know, that’s why I didn’t want him to know I didn’t like it. It wasn’t so bad that…” And Ted said, “That you wanted to hurt his feelings.” Which was exactly right. :)

I kinda want to go in there with my camera and see if I can get some pictures of him back there cooking, and do a drawing. The cafe is full of eclectic artwork, and their first anniversary is this Sunday, and I thought it might be a kind of nifty anniversary thing to drop off. Not that I could get it done by Sunday, but it seems like it’d be a fun little thing to do.