nano: i missed a day

day two books!

Yesterday involved the sort of chaos that sometimes erupts when one has a small child, and I was too tired to do my words. It has not, however, thrown me hopelessly off track, mostly because I’ve already finished Project Two, and getting it done was kind of the bit that Not Missing A Day was critical for.

Besides, I’d had to concede on Friday that I’d screwed up Project One and had to go back and delete 7,000 words, so I was off count anyway. I fixed P1 and have recovered the wordcount, so I’m up to about 25K on it (again). If I can do 4K a day on it I’ll stay on target for the end of the month, and that…is probably possible.

In the meantime, let’s see. This week I need to go over the last proof of REDEEMER, which doesn’t even have a Project Number because it’s not technically supposed to be part of the November Projects. I suppose that would make it Project Six. I need to go over Project Two and fix the NOTES and deliver it to my Patreon people, and I need to go over Project Three one more time before prepping it for the newsletter people & beyond.

Research for Project Four is underway. I could do that and a few words on Project Five on any given day, except I don’t think I really know how to *start* Project Five, so…I’m not thinking too much about it right now, really. Which is fine. I have sort of enough on my plate right now. @.@