nano success!

For only the third time in however many times I’ve actually tried it, I have achieved Nanowrimo success. Honestly, I wrote quite a lot more than 50K this month, but I managed to get 50,000 vaguely useable words on this project, which is…slightly more than half…of what I was going for…well, we’ll take what victories we can, wot eh? So now I have to get the other half of it written in the next…week…ideally…o.O…and then for a rarity actually send it to a few beta readers for commentary/insights. And no, I don’t need volunteers, got that sorted already.

Anyway, so it’s onward and upward now. There’s a book launch this weekend, and I still have to get the novella out to the Patreon folks, and…lordy, there’s a lot to do.

Okay, so, to tally up the November Projects:

Project One:
Goal: 90K
Actual: 50K

Project Two:
Goal: finish it, get it out to patrons
Actual: finished it! (8 or 10K or so, so adding that to the 7-10K I cut from Project One plus the 50K I kept on P1…yeah, I got a lot of writing done this month) did not get it out to patrons.

Project Three:
Goal: revise, push thru production, publish
Actual: finished it!

Project Four:
Goal: study a book, write 3 chapters
Actual: studied 3 chapters :)

Project Five:
Goal: 3 chapters

Project Six:
Goal: get it out to backers
Actual: noooooooooot. quiiiiiiiiiite. got a bunch of stuff DONE for that, but nooooooot. quiiiiiite.

Overall, I’d say the month has been a tremendous success, work-wise. (Imagine what I’d have gotten done if I hadn’t been sick for 3 weeks, she said, rolling her eyes.) So yeah, that’s what’s gone on here.

Next month come hang with me while I revamp my Patreon, finish projects 1-2 and 4-6, and go to the gym 4 days a week… :)

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