new tabtop

Ted, who has been feeling strongly that I need to replace the Computer That Goes Clunk before it Clunks The Final Time, stopped and bought me a new tabtop last night because it was on sale for something like 30% off thanks to Black Friday sales. I hate that they’re doing Black Friday sales over here because it’s stupid, there’s no Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which is the only reason Black Friday exists in the States…but I can’t say I’m sorry to have a new tabtop.

I am, however, exasperated at the time it takes to set up a new computer. I’m murderously going through everything to find out what Absolutely Cannot Be Removed and getting rid of everything that can. I’m also trying to upgrade to Win10, primarily because the Comixology app for Win8 is no longer being supported and I might as well install the new OS while there’s NOTHING ELSE on the computer. Except last night the computer indicated there wasn’t actually enough room on the hard drive to install Win10, which appears to mean “Win8 is such a resource hog there’s not enough room to manuever and install Win10.”

Anyway, the 3 gig download is going on now and we’ll see if it’ll actually install. I gather there’s some way you can do the install by shuffling some bulk of the OS off onto an SD card, but I don’t know how to do that, nor do I have an SD card of sufficient memory available. Both the knowledge and the card can be acquired if necessary, but I’ll be vaguely irritated if I can’t get the new computer up and running today.

Scrivener, Comixology, some kind of desktop Twitter app maybe, Freedom, LibreOffice, Firefox (altho srsly is there a better choice than Firefox these days?), Photoshop Elements (I hate that program), Semagic, and some kind of PDF reader, altho the Lenovo one is actually fine, so perhaps I should just pay for that instead of downloading Adobe. IDK. Anyway…I think that’s most of what I need, eh? (My computing needs are really *very* limited.)

Dammit, it wants me to attach an external drive with 10 gigs available on it. I need to go look and see if we’ve got one around here…

Oh. This computer I’m typing on has one. But I can’t find a double-ended USB cord, dammit. I know we HAVE one…

No we don’t. Or at least, not where I thought it was. We have a double-ended HDMI cable instead. @.@ But I found a USB stick, so eventually this will be a thing that happens.

God damn it, it’s still saying there’s not enough room to do this, even with the USB stick. This should not be this difficult.

Yeah, this could go on for days so I’ll just post now instead of having yet another half finished post lying around…