no brain

no brain, no brain, no brain at all. must balance the checkbook today. and do other things. important things. like, um. make brownies, maybe. or possibly cookies. donno yet. and pay bills. but not until i’ve balanced the checkbook.

oooooh i’ve been meaning to say. you know how the moon gets all big and orange because of atmospherics in the early evening? yesterday at 5:15am when I was out walking Chantico, it was like that. not as dramatically, but still. and misty. it was very pretty.

something about walking, i was going to say something about walking. oh! i was going to say that i actually managed to be faster than the bus this morning. i don’t really walk all that fast but i still got home before the bus came by, so i feel smug. not only did i save oh, two minutes or something, but i got an extra 25 or 30 minutes worth of exercise. yay me!

LAURA. i have to email you. i’ll do that right now.